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Published Titles

797 KBThe Underground League is a YA novel about two siblings, Angie and Ashton Marche, on a quest to find out why they recovered so miraculously from a heinous accident and why so many other teens are experiencing the same fate. Everything is different for them. They have alarming new powers—and appetites—that neither can explain.

Their  journey leads them from a Boston hospital with some very unorthodox methods, to a shadowy secret society at Harvard, to the back alleys of New Orleans and an age-old curse. Along the way meet a cast of characters who terrify and inspire them, who can create and destroy society, and are organizing something that will forever alter the country. As if this weren’t enough to deal with, Angie is torn between a stranger with a questionable agenda that she can have no future with and a guy who seems too perfect.

If Angie and Ashton are to survive the year they will need to find out what they have become and how to protect themselves from those who want them dead. All they know for sure is that the number of teenagers having accidents is increasing…and those who survive don’t always come back the way they were supposed to.

The Underground League can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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