The Moveable Writer

New technology and old comforts for today's writer.


The Moveable Writer is about technology and old comforts that inspire us to write. We are writing in a remarkable, ground-breaking time. There is untapped power for writers to publish their work and reach their readers in a personal way. We are still free to write in the medium we wish, whether that is with the latest laptop or with a pencil and paper. Now we can bring our writing device easily wherever we go. We don’t have to lug a typewriter around. We are inspired by writers old and new and can read those words at the touch of our tablets. We can easily carry around a thousand books if we so choose. The writing world is moving from a single publishing process to one of endless opportunities to publish. We are on the frontier of it all. We can lay claim to our writing space. Let’s explore this new frontier together and create the literature of tomorrow.


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